The Perfectly Happy Man - Curiosity, Comeradarie, Beer.

The Site:

The Perfectly Happy Man is all about craft beer reviews, pictures, and information.  

The Story:

We talked to Taylor Birkey, who along with good friend Michael Larson founded the site in December 2009. He told us,

"The Perfectly Happy Man was really just born out of a true sense of curiosity and camaraderie. We had an idea that it would be fun to have a place where a small selection of friends could talk about a common interest…beer.

Although it began a time when Taylor was down-on and bored with beer, the concept, creative process, and resulting community of building The Perfectly Happy Man has taken him to a new space.  This is a space of elevated knowledge, a seasoned palette, and having self described “beerpiphanies”.  The true enjoyment and passion for craft beer is clear as, Taylor and the group of “fellas” from across the country have reviewed nearly 500 beers over the past year.  

The guys at The Perfectly Happy Man are killing it.  We have yet to find a better craft brew site on the web.  These guys have created an easy to use, cover-all for beer.  Bravo gents!  - RPD, RPS

Listen-Go-Go SOMEBODY you know:

(Their current favorite music and two somebodies they got)